Spruce Environmental Technologies, Inc.

Alpine Electrical has enetred into an agreement with Spruce Environmental Technologies to install a 70 KW standby system.  The new Generac QT70 generator and RTSN automatic transfer switch will be installed at the Ward Hill, MA facility to insure that Spruce Technologies will not be interupted by power failures. Spruce Technologies is the manufacturer of Radon Midigation fans. Three of the Spruce Brands - RadonAway, AccuStar Labs and Spruce Ventilation - are well-known as leaders in their fields. RadonAway is the world's leading radon fan manufacturer. AccuStar Labs has been cited for radon testing accuracy. And Spruce Ventilation is known for the efficiency and superiority of its inline ventilation fans. Now Spruce's newest brand, HomeAire, is well on its way to making its mark in the burgeoning indoor air quality industry. RTS, which recently became a HomeAire authorized dealer, was initially created as a service company to obtain direct feedback on product performance in real-life applications. It continues to make an important contribution to the company's product innovations and quality control.